What’s Soul Good about us?

Through cooperation with Granite Falls First United Methodist Church, Soul Good Ministries provides a bag of non-perishable food items for low-income households in Caldwell County, North Carolina. Members of this organization meet twice per month to prepare cloth grocery bags full of food. Bags are purchased at $.69 per bag for 100 through the company tisreusablebags.com. They then load the bags in vehicles, travel to various neighborhoods in Caldwell County, and walk door to door delivering these bags of food and praying with the families who receive them. Each bag has basic grocery items and the food needed to make a family sized meal. Local drives take place for the needed items, as well as Facebook item signups, through the Soul Good page. Soul Good Ministries not only feeds the mouths of these families, but feeds their souls by ministering to their needs and their concerns, while building relationships and forming friendships. Anyone is welcome to be a part of this ministry, by helping gather food, preparing the bags, delivering food, providing community service work, or all of the above! In the Gospels, Jesus shares a meal with His followers regularly. Jesus knew that to do His work on earth, our bodies need to be fed, as well as our souls. Humans need food, but they also need the fellowship of the sharing of the meal. Shea Bolick saw this need originally serving on multiple trips with her youth group in Costa Rica with Rice and Beans Ministries. She recognized the need not just internationally, but in her own community and felt that the international missions trained her and her youth to use their own abilities in their hometown. As a youth group leader and a school teacher, she knew that there was a great need for “feeding” in Caldwell County, but after much research the statistics proved just how great this need was. In 2015 15% of Caldwell County residents were food insecure, meaning that these residents did not know when they would receive or how to obtain their next meal. That is roughly 12,460 people. 4,340 children fall into this category, but only 74 of them are actually getting free and reduced lunch in their schools. Only 12 of those children are receiving this assistance in the summer. (https://hunger-research.sog.unc.edu/content/2015-caldwell-county-nc). Soul Good Ministries believes these statistics need to be changed. Many residents of Caldwell County do not have the means to travel to receive the assistance that they need. Soul Good Ministries will come to them, with this door to door ministry. They have prayed about this ministry for quite some time and know that it is God driven! In the 5th chapter of Acts believers are shown boldness in the midst of fear or not feeling well equipped, but it assures that God equips the called. Acts 5: 38-39 has guided Soul Good Ministries through its creation. This organization is His plan and it can’t be overthrown. Come serve boldly and see how Soul Good it is!  

What is needed?

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We would like 10 people signed up for each item by the end of the month. Our goal is 100 bags a month! The number next to each item is how many people are signed up to bring 10 of that item monthly. What if your place of employment wanted to be responsible for a couple of items monthly? Or another local group? Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered so far! If you choose to sign up for an item- please fill out the form!

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Soul Good Ministries in the Lenoir News-Topic

Ministry Brings Food to Front Doors

By Virginia Annable


Jul 24, 2019 12:00 AM

Volunteers in bright green shirts wandered a neighborhood in Rhodhiss, knocking on every door, but they weren't unwelcome solicitors.

The residents know members of the group -- they bring free bags of food to their doors twice a month and offer a listening ear and a prayer for those who need it.

Soul Good Ministries has been on its mission to bring food to people's doors only for a few weeks, but already it's making an impact in at least one Caldwell County neighborhood. The ministry's founder, Shea Bolick, said the goal is to grow the outreach one neighborhood at a time.

"The goal is that everyone comes together to assist and to help," Bolick said. "The amount of people who are not sure where their next meal will come from is astounding."

Twice a month the growing group of volunteers takes large, green grocery bags of food to every house in a neighborhood in Rhodhiss where there's need. Soon, they're adding a route in Sawmills to the schedule, and eventually Bolick wants the entire county to be covered.

As a lifelong Caldwell resident, teacher and youth director at her church, Bolick has always been plugged in to her community and tried to help in every way she could, but she always knew she could do more. When she started doing mission work in

Costa Rica, packing and carrying bags of rice, beans and flour to people's doors, she got the idea that she could apply the same concept at home.

"One of the big challenges (with mission trips) is not to get home and leave those experiences behind," Bolick said. "So that's what I thought about and prayed about, and this is what I came up with."

Instead of rice and beans, the bags have all the ingredients for taco soup -- cans of beans, corn, tomatoes, chicken, enchilada sauce and taco seasoning. If people don't need the food for themselves, they're free to pass the bag on to someone who does, and a slip of paper inside lists items the ministry needs if anyone is inclined to donate.

Bolick has been preparing for the launch of the ministry, which is based out of her church in Granite Falls, First United Methodist Church, for months. She gathered stacks of supplies, bags to put them in and enlisted people to donate and volunteer before launching the first run in June.

The volunteers knock on each door, introduce themselves and make polite conversation with each person before handing them a bag and food and offering to pray with them. Bolick said that way, the recipients get more than just free food.

"We go and tell them we love them and we're here for them and God loves them," she said. "Sometimes people just need some fellowship."

For now, Bolick is working on growing her volunteer base and getting more food and money donations, but eventually, she hopes to turn the ministry in new directions by adding service projects and other volunteer activities to the mission.

For more information, visit the Soul Good Ministries Facebook page or email soulgoodministries@gmail.com.